On the 20th May 2021 We held the first Inaugural meeting of APECi online. We were delighted to host a number of different speakers from all over the globe, including Ghana, Sierra Leone and India.

We discussed a range of topics including a panel discussion on the need for APECi in a global setting, the barriers to preeclampsia care in low income settings and learnt more about the network and how our members can get involved.



  During October 2021, we held our first APECi fundraising challenge. We had 10 members covering a total distance of 3471km and raised over 300 pounds. We hope this pilot fundraising challenge has helped increase awareness on pre-eclampsia and the need for a education and better resourcing in low income settings. If you are interested to run your own fundraising event for APECi, don’t hesitate to get into contact at

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