Healthcare Professionals

APEC International has brought together the latest guidelines, research and recommendations relating to pre-eclampsia. Within this area of the website, you will find links to international and national guidelines, as well as relevant up to date research. These pages signpost you to existing freely available relevant resources to support provision of quality care. 

Education & Training

Up to date, relevant international and national guidelines are available here.  Please find resources to support safe prescribing and shared decision making for patients with pre-eclampsia. 


Information and resources to support researchers, including online training courses are available here. Find links to relevant published and ongoing research in the field.

Guides to pre-eclampsia

Information to support professional learning and development is available here.  This includes resources to support counselling women regarding prognosis, postnatal follow-up, risk of recurrence and long-term health implications. This area may be of interest to non-specialists or clinicians in training.

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