Mission Statement - Our Vision

APEC International is a global web-based platform aimed at reducing maternal and perinatal health inequities related to pre-eclampsia and the hypertensive disorders of pregnancy. It provides educational materials and signposting to existing resources with the aim of improving education and increasing awareness. APEC International aims to facilitate reciprocal learning connecting global communities to improve outcomes for women and babies. 

The Problem

  • Hypertensive disorders in pregnancy (HDP) affect 1 in 10 pregnancies
  • Hypertension in pregnancy is a global problem
  • Globally 76,000 women and 500,000 babies die each year from pre-eclampsia and complications related to it. The vast majority of these deaths occurred in the Global South or low and middle income countries
  • Hypertensive disorders including pre-eclampsia, are a leading cause of preterm birth, stillbirth and placental abruption throughout the world


The APEC International website will supports educational and research activity focussing on HDP. We aim to ENGAGE, EDUCATE AND EMPOWER women, communities and healthcare providers.


  • Engage locally relevant stakeholders including women and communities affected by HDP and care providers
  • Create locally led initiatives and activities based on local and national need
  • Identify high profile supporters and patrons to raise awareness nationally and internationally


The APEC International website signposts users to up to date, evidence-based resources 

  • Patient information in local languages using different media to overcome literacy barriers
  • National and international clinical guidelines
  • Latest evidence-based practice and emerging research


With regard to HDP, we aim to

  • Provide opportunities and support for fundraising activities nationally and internationally
  • Establish networks for national lobbying and policy change to improve and support access and provision of quality maternal and neonatal care
  • Promote the rights of women and girls everywhere to be treated with dignity and respect and to know their rights
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